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We have partnered with some amazing companies, to offer you some fantastic deals exclusively with Harrison Jacks.

We believe in the power of outstanding technology to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

Whether you are renting for the very first time, or have been through the process before, we will guide you through every step of the way!

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PropertyFile is an online platform designed to keep you informed & updated on your properties whether you’re selling, letting or renting.

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Exclusive Tenant Offers

Sky TV Deals

Sky TV Deals

Our exclusive sky deals can save you up to £468 per year, and are only available via link below. Simply complete your details and the good people at Sky will call you back at a time to suit.

Make sure you have landlord approval for the installation!

Sky TV Deals

Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance

We have partnered with Alan Boswell to provide our tenants with some amazing deals on contents insurance. Insuring your belongings is very important, as your landlords policy likely will not cover your belongings.

Tenants Content Insurance

Online Portal for Access to your documents 24/7!

24/7 access to see all documents relating to your tenancy.

Access safety documents, track maintenance, deposits and key dates.

Online Portal for Access to your documents 24/7!
Statements and  View your accounts online

Download Statements and View your accounts online

Keep track of all your rental statements throughout the tenancy.

Keep it in one simple place and download copies of statements and statements.

Local Knowledge

We are proud to be a local team in Kingston Upon Thames. We believe In selling not just the property, but the area too, and will always recommend the best places and hidden gems in Kingston.


Faster Offer Processing

With secure electronic payments for holding deposits, you can pay your holding deposit from the comfort of your own home.

Electronic Referencing & Contract Signing

Complete your referencing online with SMS reminders and sign the tenancy agreement electronically.

The whole process is seamless, meaning no delays to you!

Electronic Referencing
Online Portal for Access to your documents 24/7!

Online Repairs System

We have invested in a comprehensive online repairs system, which will guide you through confirming landlord or tenant responsibility and the next steps.

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